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We use Aramax couriers for all our deliveries and they are currently taking too long to deliver our plants. We wll not be dispatching any more orders until the new year when they are back to normal.

Please read our condtions of sale here. We go to great lengths to pack our plants well for transport but sometimes couriers can still damage them or leave them without light and water for far too long. In this case we are sorry but we cannot be responsible for thier mistakes. If you have lost or damaged plants please lodge a claim with them here.  You can arrange for a pick upin Kumeu from here. And if you know of a fantastic courier service that will travel to rural places within NZ we would love to hear from them. Please tell us your amazing story here!

For more information on COVID 19 and  how we are keeping safe please visit our COVID 19 Update page

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COVID 19 PANDEMIC STATUS: We can now freight your order from Tuesday 28th April 2020. Please order online or make an inquiry about your product. Please be patient as there may be some delays with couriers.

Here are some terms we use:

Budget Grade = Bare rooted, a baby plant or pup, ships wrapped in potting mix, will need some TLC before planting out into a large garden. Landscape Grade = >1 Litre or more, strong and healthy for planting out. Premium Grade = >1.3 Litre or more, larger than landscape Grade, nice and bushy. Superduper Grade = >3 Litre or more, may have multiple stems, very bushy, an eyecatcher :-)

Please Read Our terms and Conditions before you purchase your plants. Terms and Conditions

We use FASTWAY Couriers to deliver our plants. We pack our plants very carefully but on occasion damage can occur. We cannot be liable for their mistakes and any requests for refunds will need to be made through Fastway using your shipping number. 

The native flora of New Zealand is unique as it evolved in isolation for millions of years. 80% of our trees, ferns and flowering plants are endemic (found only in New Zealand). ... The cabbage tree is one of the most distinctive trees in the New Zealand landscape, especially on farms.


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  • Arthropodium bifurcatum 'Matapouri Bay'
    A popular selection with broader leaves than Arthropodium cirratum, which have a bluish hue and larg...
  • Carex testacea
    Carex Testacea is a native grass with a distinctive rich orange and green colouring and a weeping fo...
  • Carpodetus Serratus
    This is a prostrate form of the marble leaf, excellent in semi-shade and slightly moist sites. I jus...
  • Coprosma 'Karo Red'
    A brilliant New Zealand bred variety forming a compact shrub with very shiny leaves of the darkest r...
  • Coprosma Black Cloud 1.5 L
    This is a HARDY Coprosma! Ok, hardy for us anyway. Unscathed in full exposure in the McLaughlin gard...
  • Coprosma Middlemore
    Coprosma Middlemore is a cultivar with quite an upbright habit, growing 1-2 m with smal rounded glos...
  • Griselinia lucida
    Distinctive native plant often seen clinging to our rocky coastline. The glossy green leathery leave...
  • Hebe Wiri Mist
    Hebe ‘Wiri Mist’ is an evergreen, compact, spreading shrub, reaching 20 in (50 cm) high ...
  • Hebe topiara
    Hebe topiara, Ball-shaped Hebe with olive-green small leaves that keeps its shape well. Good alterna...
  • Libertia peregrinans
    New Zealand Iris. Bronzy-green / khaki sword-like leaves, tapering to the end. Small white flowers...
  • Metrosideros Carmina 2LP
    A small spreading shrub or bush (non-climbing) covered in carmin-red flowers with golden tips Spring...
  • Phormium 'Dark Delight'
    This stunning evergreen native flax was selected for its deep purplish almost black-bronze colouring...

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