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Budget Grade = Bare rooted, a baby plant or pup, ships wrapped in potting mix, will need some TLC before planting out into a large garden. Landscape Grade = >1 Litre or more, strong and healthy for planting out. Premium Grade = >1.3 Litre or more, larger than landscape Grade, nice and bushy. Superduper Grade = >3 Litre or more, may have multiple stems, very bushy, an eyecatcher :-)

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Bromeliads make great gifts.
Not sure what to gift your Mum, Friend or Partner, but want something that isn’t your typical bunch of roses? Try a bomeliad! Not only do they have gorgeous bright colors, they are a very manageable and beautiful plant. With vibrant colors and an unusual shape, they will love the uniqueness of your gift. We’ve put together a general care sheet for bromeliads. Feel free to print it off and give with your gift so they can refer to it if they need to! Or just ask us to include it in your order.

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  • Achmea fascinata/Silver Vase
    Originally from Rio de Janeiro, this stunning landscape and house plant was brought to Europe in 182...
  • Achmea gamosephala
    This Bromelia will (if grown in full shade with plenty of nutrients), develop dark, glossy, arching ...
  • Billbergia saundersii
    Billbergia saundersii is a small, hardy bromeliad that is effectively used in mass plantings. In la...
  • Fascularia bicolor
    Fascularia bicolor is a rare and unusual terrestrial Bromeliad from the cool coast of Chile. It for...
  • Guzmania
    Guzmania is a popular genus of bromeliad. Their colorful flower bracts can be found in shopping mall...
  • Neoregelia carolinae 'Tricolore'
    Neo Carolinae tricolor is one of the oldest Neo Carolinae varieties, but still one of the most popul...
  • Neoregelia caroliniae 'Variegata'
    Originally from the rainforests of eastern Brazil. These plants have been in cultivation for such a ...
  • Neoregelia concentrica
    Commonly known as one of the tank bromeliads, Neoregelia concentrica is an epiphyte that is native t...
  • Neoregelia marmorata
    Commonly known as one of the tank bromeliads, Neoregelia concentrica is an epiphyte that is native t...
  • Noregelia pineliana
    A wide rosette, up to 0.6m across,, is comprised of numerous, quite slender, dusty green leaves. At ...
  • Tillandsia tenuifolia
    This tiny species is widely distributed in woodland environments from the West Indies to Bolivia and...

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